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Competitive Grade Finder Section
This most valuable section lists grades of papers in competitive classifications. All papers having similar brightness and opacity ratings are grouped into their proper categories, such as No. 1 Offset, No. 1 Xerographic, etc. In addition, other information is included, such as target brightness, target whiteness, alkaline properties, target gloss, target roughness/smoothness, weight range, caliper range, opacity range, color, size, furnish, recycled content, and certification.

Alphabetic List of Companies "Where to Buy"
This section contains an alphabetic listing of all Mills, Converters, and Merchants that have grades and advertisements listed in the Competitive Grade Finder. This listing includes the company names, addresses, phone and fax numbers, personnel, brands, and additional offices.

Alphabetic Grade Index
This section lists all of the grades of paper alphabetically by their brand names. Also, included are the manufacturer’s name and the page number where more detailed information can be found.

Grade Classification Index
This is an excellent index for locating any classification of paper found in this directory. Each classification is indexed several different ways. For example, Premium No. 1 100% Cotton Fiber Bond is listed alphabetically as shown, as well as No. 1 100% Premium Cotton Fiber Bond, Bond Premium No. 1 100% Cotton Fiber, and 100% Premium No. 1 Cotton Fiber Bond. Adjacent to the alphabetic listing is the page number where the classification is listed in the grades section.

Advertisers Section
This section contains multiple advertisements from mills, converters, and paper suppliers, many listing locations and distribution channels. The advertisements work interactively with location and grade information contained in the directory. Each location and grade listing refers the user directly to the particular ad page.

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