Current Paper Buyers Guides

Grade Finders has been publishing our paper buyer guides for over 50 years. The directories have become so well accepted that many paper professionals refer to them as the "Bibles of the Industry" and use them to set bid specifications. In many cases, bids will not be accepted for papers that do not appear in our books. The States of OH and VA, the City of Washington, DC, and many others have utilized our paper guides in this manner.

Own a Legend: The Final Print Edition of the 2014/2015 Competitive Grade Finder

Save time and money by utilizing Grade Finders' new North American Edition, European Edition, and to answer all of your paper needs! Each edition provides the user with access to mill and private label grades listed in competitive classifications which provides quick access and information for comparative review.

Grade Finders reached out to their customers and asked for recommendations on improving their "Bible of the Industry" paper buyer's guides. In response to the comments, we created:

Our long-time customers and new ones alike will find our new subscription an indispensable resource for researching paper.
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